On November 8, 2019, North America and Mainland China simultaneously released Hollywood war movie "Midway". The film is produced by Bona Film, a Chinese movie company, and directed by Roland Emmerich with a cast of Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans, Patrick Wilson, Mandy Moore, Ed Skrein and Tadanobu Asano. Helped by world-class special effects, the well-made movie presents a historical portrayal of World War II from multiple angles. In opening week, box office hit RMB 100 million only in three days, winning a great word-of-mouth reputation from audience.

The movie retells the aircraft carrier "USS Enterprise" attacking the Marshall Islands, B-25 bomber taking off from aircraft carrier "USS Hornet" then bombing Tokyo, and final battle of Midway, from perspectives of "USS Enterprise" pilots. Because of brave performance of the pilot, Ryder Best, the bomber hit and sank two Japanese aircraft carriers after two attacks. Audiences are sure to be deeply amazed by the near-real scene of war.

With the big hit of this movie, “USS Enterprise” is under spotlight in China. As a key contributor in World War II, “USS Enterprise” is a monumental existence in war history. The name of aircraft carrier “USS Enterprise” (AKA: CV-6) is often translated as “power” or “courage” in Chinese, which represents a positive and fearless spirit. This spirit is exactly the reason why the pilots of “USS Enterprise” could display such bravely and left behind such an extraordinary legend.

However, legend does not end in the story. Coincidentally, as is well known, an American rental car company is also named “Enterprise”. What is the linkage between this “Enterprise” rental car company and “USS Enterprise”?

Jack Taylor, the founder of Enterprise Rental Car Company, is also a legendary figure. The aircraft carrier “USS Enterprise”, which made a brilliant contribution in World War II, was exactly the place where Jack Taylor served as a pilot. After finishing his military service, Jack Taylor founded a car rental company named “Enterprise” in St. Louis , Missouri. The legendary life experience of the founder had brought an extraordinary corporate culture to "Enterprise". This corporate culture had enabled the company, which started from 17 vehicles, to become the largest car rental company in North America and in the world, larger than Hertz and Avis combined.

In 2012, Enterprise Holdings entered the Chinese market and established a strategic partnership with eHi Car Services, a leading Chinese car rental company. The legend of Enterprise continues.